Terminology Management

Discover our terminology management services to standardise your business documentation.

Terminology management is the part of our translation process that guarantees uniformity of texts. If you would like to standardise and manage your company’s documentation, we can advise you on the aspects to consider when writing technical documentation with the aim of standardising it as far as possible for subsequent updating or translation.

Proper documentation management saves a great deal of work and money that would otherwise be spent on translation later on. One of the important aspects of this is terminology management: often, the best thing to do is to begin by creating a database with the company terminology. This database can then be used for writing all subsequent documentation. This will solve the problem of multiple versions of documentation on the same product, all with different terminology, and the subsequent difficulties in using them again at a later date. We will be pleased to give you advice on the most frequently used terminology databases and other issues. Just ask us.

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