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Do you need to translate a website? At Intertext we are experts in translating websites to guarantee they enjoy the same success as in their home country.

Today with ever more resources available for design and programming, website development is becoming increasingly sophisticated. If you are interested in localising your website, just let us know the address (URL) where it is hosted and our technical experts will perform a careful analysis to determine its structure and identify all the translatable text. In this way, we can give you a customised offer. In the case of dynamic or data-generated sites, we can contact the administrator of your website to request the corresponding files.

Generally speaking, satisfactory localisation includes not only user-visible text, but also the hidden text in the form of metatags, graphics (interactive fields, buttons and other elements), CGI’s and multimedia components. Localisation also includes the correct integration of additional languages into the website tree, which means updating the corresponding links and possibly editing the homepage, Flash files and so on. The final project as we deliver it to the client is a fully functional and integrated version of the website in the desired language, so you have nothing else to do.

Intertext has been involved in the localisation of many websites and continues to work on updating them. Whether it is programming or design that you have in mind, we have qualified professionals with advanced skills in the most common programs, languages and tools, such as HTML, PHP, XML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, CGI/Perl and more.

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